Alexia (=Alex), the owner of Blooming Marvellous Plants, is an experienced speaker. She has a range of talks suitable for both experienced gardeners and more general groups, illustrated with lots of pictures and real plants. Alexia brings her own projector, but a screen or blank wall needs to be provided. If you like, she can bring a selection of interesting plants (especially unusual ones) that can be bought by members of the audience – please inform your members in advance that there will be this opportunity.

The fee for a talk in 2012 is £60 plus mileage of 40p/mile (based on the distance from either the nursery or Alexia’s home in Aspley Guise, as applicable).

 Gardening Talks




Slide show plus some display plants

Guidelines for what to plant with what for best visual effect


45-60 minutes.

Easy Plants for Difficult Places

Slide show plus some display plants This talk usually focuses on plants for shade and for hot sun. 45-60 minutes.

Designing a Long Flowering Border

Slide show This talk is suitable for keen gardeners who like to learn. It takes a full 60 minutes, as there’s a lot to cover.

Gardening for the Elderly 

Slide show Tips to help elderly gardeners cope with their gardens. 40 minutes.

Gardening Made Easier

Slide show Tips on how to save time and effort in the garden. 45-50 minutes.

Basket and container planting 

Demonstration Suitable for all kinds of groups. Can be 40-60 minutes depending on your preference.

Starting a Nursery –Successes and Mistakes!

Talk The story of creating our nursery from scratch. 45 minutes.