We can help with planting (and greatly enjoy it!), but due to constraints on our time we have to limit the service we offer.  Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to offer a garden makeover service.  However we are happy to plant a new border for you, or replant an existing one.  This works particularly well as a follow on to us visiting your garden for a consultation.  However if you prefer to choose all the plants yourself first, we can still help you plant. 

You can work alongside us if you like, or leave us to it and just bring us the occasional cuppa!

Soil preparation is key – we won’t just dig a hole and drop a plant in. We’ll need to add some fertiliser and planting compost or soil improver – we can supply these and deliver them when we come to plant. 

We charge by the hour (usually a minimum of 8 man hours), at £15 to £20/hour + VAT depending on experience level (figures correct 2011)

What we don’t do

Unfortunately we don’t have the manpower to provide general garden maintenance such as mowing and hedge trimming.  We can supply the names of some local maintenance gardeners if that’s what you’re after. 

Anything else?

If there’s any other way we can help you, please ask and we’ll be happy to discuss it.