Blooming Marvellous Plants

HOT NEWS – Barn Clearance

We’ve been clearing our barn to make space and are selling a wide range of unusual and genuinely unique curios, tools and timber collected by Lindsay’s dad and grandad from the 1900s to 1970s.  Get the Shabby Chic Look using genuine old Buckinghamshire farm items.Shabby Chic

We are selling Antique and Shabby Chic items like

  • wooden feed (planting) troughs

  • horse tack

  • washstand backs 

  • fabulous quality packing case sides to make into tables

  • oak beams and posts, 12′ elm slabs, pine planks

  • cider flagons, blackboards
  • doors 
  • scythes (usable and decorative), pitchforks

For more photos, please see the separate page.

Meanwhile, we are still a friendly nursery offering beautiful unusual and familiar plants. We sell from the nursery and online.

Our plants include cottage garden perennials, shrubs, ferns, grasses, veg and chilli plants, bedding and basket plants – all major types of plant except trees and fruit bushes.

We offer friendly help and advice, friendly help and advice, National Garden Gift Vouchers, pots, recycled whisky barrel tubs, plant care sundries, seeds (including seed potatoes and onion sets), compost, soil conditioner, manure etc.

We consider nature in everything we do and are thrilled when our efforts encourage wildlife.  This spring we’ve had a robin nesting among some grasses (3 chicks fledged around 11/05/14)  and two tawny owl chicks about to fledge (as of 14/05/14).  Alex got to hold one when it was being ringed by the AVDC wildlife officers. 

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