Blooming Marvellous Plants

Blooming Marvellous Plants is a friendly nursery offering beautiful unusual and familiar plants. We sell from the nursery and online.

Our plants include cottage garden perennials, shrubs, ferns, grasses, veg and chilli plants, bedding and basket plants – all major types of plant except trees and fruit bushes.

We also offer National Garden Gift Vouchers, pots, recycled whisky barrel tubs, plant care sundries, seeds (including seed potatoes and onion sets), compost, soil conditioner, manure, and friendly help and advice.


“My top specialist nursery” – Stefan Buczacki, Garden News, 13/03/12

We’re very excited, especially because he visited Buckinghamshire in February or very early March when our plant selection was still coming out of hibernation. And yet he still said we have an “extensive range of fine hardy perennials” and that “it’s worth the drive for an experience that’s Blooming Marvellous”.  Thank you very much, Stefan! Please keep spreading the word.

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